The power of modesty can be quite attractive, and that’s what we are here to showcase...after all who said you need backless halters and cut-sleeved blouses to make a style statement?

We have curated cotton saree blouses with Ikkat and Kalamkari touches that you can flaunt this season, with utmost class and elegance. Contemporary detailing fuses with the alluring traditional print to bring forth an authentic artistic flair. The yarn in Ikkat technique is tied and dyed in calculated proportions before weaving for a characteristic pattern. Accentuated by the contrasting Kalamkari Printed borders, this set of saree blouses represents absolute femininity.

1. The Ikkat Saree Blouse Magic

Featuring all-over Ikkat patterns and designed with Back Tie-up and Back Potli Buttons, these Ikkat print saree blouses are sewn to a standard of perfection. With amazing interesting patterns these illustrate the infusion of indigenous artistry into western styling. Contemporary detailing fuses with the alluring traditional print to bring forth an authentic artistic flair. 


2. The Kalamkari Touch Saree Blouse

Accentuated by the contrasting Kalamkari Printed border, these Front Open Blouses with a creative Kalamkari Pattern represent absolute femininity. The Kalamkari playing hide and seek around the necklines and on the sides - just enough to create the magic !

      Mustard Side Kalamkari Blouse

3. The Elbow length Front Open Blouses

Flanked by a stunning contrast border on the sleeves designed in deep shade of maroon or black, these elbow length saree blouses are sure to add a contemporary touch to your look. A front open Layout aided by Fabric buttons, this cotton blouse invites endless compliments...

  OffWhite Black Front Open Blouse


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