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Who said you need backless halters and cut-sleeved blouses to make a style statement? April 16, 2018 23:41

The power of modesty can be quite attractive, and that’s what we are here to showcase...after all who said you need backless halters and cut-sleeved blouses to make a style statement?

We have curated cotton saree blouses with Ikkat and Kalamkari touches that you can flaunt this season, with utmost class and elegance. Contemporary detailing fuses with the alluring traditional print to bring forth an authentic artistic flair. The yarn in Ikkat technique is tied and dyed in calculated proportions before weaving for a characteristic pattern. Accentuated by the contrasting Kalamkari Printed borders, this set of saree blouses represents absolute femininity.

1. The Ikkat Saree Blouse Magic

Featuring all-over Ikkat patterns and designed with Back Tie-up and Back Potli Buttons, these Ikkat print saree blouses are sewn to a standard of perfection. With amazing interesting patterns these illustrate the infusion of indigenous artistry into western styling. Contemporary detailing fuses with the alluring traditional print to bring forth an authentic artistic flair. 


2. The Kalamkari Touch Saree Blouse

Accentuated by the contrasting Kalamkari Printed border, these Front Open Blouses with a creative Kalamkari Pattern represent absolute femininity. The Kalamkari playing hide and seek around the necklines and on the sides - just enough to create the magic !

      Mustard Side Kalamkari Blouse

3. The Elbow length Front Open Blouses

Flanked by a stunning contrast border on the sleeves designed in deep shade of maroon or black, these elbow length saree blouses are sure to add a contemporary touch to your look. A front open Layout aided by Fabric buttons, this cotton blouse invites endless compliments...

  OffWhite Black Front Open Blouse


Stay tuned to for exciting information and options from the fashion world and mention what you think of the article in the comments section below.

Celebrating uniqueness with anokherang June 15, 2017 14:56

Loved being feature by renowned blogger Deblina Rababi on her blog titled "Celebrating uniqueness with anokherang"...Thanks Deblina for looking so gorgeous and stunning in anokherang's "Muddy Red Straight Kurti with Pants" !

Read the complete article here

Ways to style your Kurtis look this Summer Season - what would you choose - Ethnic or Indo-Western? April 15, 2017 14:46

Are you also one of those lovely ladies who fret about what to wear for work the next day or what to wear to the next office party or what to wear for the next family get together - we all do, don’t we?

After all style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak - public appearances demand an understated fashionable appearance which is subtle and graceful yet stylish and fanciful. With the onset of summer there’s no more hiding behind the woolens. It is the perfect time to let the style junkie in you flash her immaculate taste. Whether you go for ethnic or Indo-western, the look you wear should complement your style and suit your body type.

Whatever you choose we at anokherang have a classy assortment of styles to pick from. Let us help you to decide on the right Kurti look to exude the charismatic magnetism of your personality, you so truly deserve !

Long & Straight Kurtis !

Fashionable ethnic wear is fast becoming the hot choice of the alpha woman. It brings out the femininity in you without compromising on the sturdy message your personality speaks. Long and Straight Kurtis are very much in vogue these days. Available in comfortable fabric that keeps you cool in summer, we have an assortment of Long and Straight Kurtis which are all unique and fabulous. 


Do checkout anokherang's Long and Straight Kurtis available on our store: Long and Straight Kurtis

Long and Straight Kurtis with Pockets !

Kurtis with pockets are a rage today for their sheer charm and gorgeous blend. They carry the inherent beauty of traditional Kurtis with a generous sprinkling of western enamor. So they are a huge sought-after-clothing for office wear purpose. Pair them up with parallel pants, cigarette bottoms or jeggings for a cool look


Do checkout anokherang's Kurtis with Pockets available on our storeKurtis with Pockets

Short Kurtis !

Another very undeniably chic ethnic wear is the evergreen Short Kurtis. They bring out the best in a woman to flaunt a comfy and trendy look. At anokherang, we have tried to create and present a collection so heart fluttering you won’t be able to resist yourself


Do checkout anokherang's Short Kurtis available on our store: Short Kurtis

Uneven Cut Kurtis!

A slight twist in the conventional make of Kurtis gives it a new makeover. Uneven cut Kurtis add a dash of excitement to one’s look. The flare, the fall and the extra edge that it gives, sets you a class apart.


Do checkout anokherang's Uneven Cut Kurtis available on our store: Uneven Cut Kurtis

Double Layered Kurtis

And who can forget the Double Layered Kurtis which provide a super traditional yet modern look. With a scintillating array of styles and designs, we always focus to bring the exclusive.


Do checkout anokherang's Double Layered Kurtis available on our store: Double Layered Kurtis

Kurtis with Jackets and Capes

An even more modern twist in the conventional make of Kurtis is the addition of a Jacket or Cape over the Kurti which helps you in getting a break from heavy duty dressing and still look highly fashionable and chic at all occassions.


Do checkout anokherang's Kurtis with Capes and Jackets available on our store: Kurtis with Capes and Jackets

Kurtis with High Slits

This summer season also, it is all about mix and match of modern cuts with traditional wear where the Kurtis with High Slits come out the winner, as they provide traditional elegance and class mixed with modern cuts which sets you a class apart.


Do checkout anokherang's Kurtis with High Slits available on our store: Kurti with High Slits

Pleated Kurtis

And coming up last and not in any way the least are the Pleated Kurtis which provide a mix of two different prints in a single outfit which helps you vastly improve your style quotient and get their heads turning wherever you go !

 Do checkout anokherang's Pleated Kurtis available on our store: Pleated Kurtis

And you are all set to Dazzle everyone this Summer season !

Wanna know what Ranbir Kapoor and anokherang have in common? November 06, 2016 08:41

Check out our new video starring Ranbir Kapoor, Alpana Singhrot, Anisha Raina, Neha Mehrotra, Punya Gulati, Meetu and Ruchi Kakkar !

#anokherang #JustBeYourself

A Sabbatical that changed my Life - Transformation Journey June 26, 2016 08:54 9 Comments

Episode 2: Transformation Journey from “Program Head@NIIT” to “Head of Everything@anokherang”

If you want to read our story from the beginning then you should read through the first episode as well “Episode 1 – New Beginnings.

So it’s wonderful that you decide “You want to leave the old behind & make new beginnings” but seriously how do you know what to do, where to start and how to make a new beginning?

In such moments you fall back on Shahrukh Khan’s advice to his little brother Hrithik Roshan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham..."Zindagi mein agar kuch banna ho, kuch haasil karna ho, kuch jeetna ho ... toh hamesha apne dil ki suno"...and what I did next was exactly that...I listened to my heart and what I always wanted to do...something creative...something to do with colors...something to make people around me smile...something to make people around me Just Be Themselves...and so anokherang was born with a mission to help everyone to Just Be Yourself !

My journey kicked off with the transformation from “Program Head@NIIT” to “Head of Everything@anokherang”. This transformation had no well defined well laid out process to ensure success...every day...every moment was a discover...learn...adapt iteration with no backlogs !

So what changed for me, my office and workstation:

My white board:

My Daily Stand-ups:

My Peer reviews:

My Onsite visits:


Phew – quite a change I must say from:

1. The centrally air-conditioned office and cubicles of NIIT Technologies - my home away from home for more than 15 years, to the air cooled shop/workshop/lunch room/meeting room all in one hall @anokherang

2. The corridors of NIIT Technologies & British Airways to the streets and bylanes of Gandhinagar, Chandni Chowk, Bapu Bazaar, Chickpet etc. etc. in search of the inspiring print and fabric to use in the next anokherang best seller design.

3. The colleagues at NIIT Technologies to the Shopwalas, Tailors, Helpers, Dyewalas, Drycleaners and the list goes on and on and on who are now part and parcel of my work life !

    Definitely a BIG change but a very welcome change and all in good cause to help ensure we take the stress out of shopping from the lives of our lovely, beautiful and most endearing shoppers at anokherang and make them look ever more and more stunning and gorgeous !

    Signing off for now...till next time when we talk more on our “First Online Sale” & “First Positive Customer Review” of anokherang in the next episode:

    “Episode 3: Oh wow someone really bought something from our anokherang site”...

    Meanwhile shop to your heart’s desire and Just Be Yourself !

    1500+ FB Likes & going strong ! June 08, 2016 13:07

    1500+ FB Likes & going strong...our Team is hard at work to Color Code your Life...a big thanks from anokherang for all your love and support !


    5 Essential Kurti & Palazzo looks which will rock your world ! May 29, 2016 19:09

    Swing in style this summer season with anokherang's 5 Amazing and Exclusive Looks which will rock your we always say Life's too short to wear boring go ahead and shop to your heart's desire !

    1. The Vedic Chant Look !

    Still can't get over our love for indigo blues ... And we are sure so can't u...Feel peaceful in The Vedic Chant Kurta combo from anokherang and turn up the style quotient wherever you go !

    2. The Rang Barse Look !

    All colors merge to become white ... All colors emerge from white .. put the brightest of them together to form the Purest of them all...Feel vibrant in The Rang Barse Kurta combo from anokherang and make the heads turn wherever you go !

    3. The Shudh Desi Look !

    Lets outshine the sun this summer ... let's add more and more anokherang to our wardrobe...Feel on top of the world in The Shudh Desi Look Kurta combo from anokherang and turn up the heat more than the sun wherever you go ! 


    4. The Blues Look !

    The coolness of the blue skies ...the whiteness of the clouds in the blue skies...the Colorful birds flying in the blue skies ...Picture Perfect...Feel earthy and glamorous in The Blues Kurta combo from anokherang and turn up the glamour quotient wherever you go !


    5. The Sunshine Dazzle Look !

    Looks as if the Orange is coming from both sides of the sun and the white is dissolving in the center...Feel rejuvenated & energized in The Sunshine Dazzle Kurta combo from anokherang and mesmerise one and all wherever you go !


    And you are all set to Dazzle everyone this Summer season !

    Capes for Superwomen ! May 09, 2016 20:15

    It seems like women gave their coats a rest this summer of 2016. This year we have seen lots of ready to wear collections featuring cozy capes. It seems we are witnessing the return of the ever fashionable and never out of style capes which are touted to be the biggest cover up in the fashion world this year !


    Outerwear is a challenge because it is difficult to be unique and stylish and also keep covered. The cape covers all of these points by its very nature as an alluring, mysterious, and stylish piece of clothing that can help you transform into a fashion diva and do wonders for the simplest of outfits in your wardrobe !

    In carrying on with its mission to help color code your lives, anokherang of course adds some "anokhe" rang to its capes and designs to make them look more beautiful and help you turn heads around and the glamour quotient high wherever you go !


           So what are you waiting for, go shopping for stylish Capes from anokherang now !

     Do let us know how you like to wear your Capes by leaving a comment below or posting on our FB page

    A Sabbatical that changed my Life - New Beginnings May 05, 2016 18:07 7 Comments

    Episode 1 – New Beginnings

    Sabbatical [səˈbatɪk(ə)l/Submit] – noun – a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher for study or travel, traditionally one year for every seven years worked. "she's away on sabbatical"

    I was not a teacher and not teaching at a university so why would I be granted a sabbatical and that also a paid one by my company?

    [Although frankly speaking, mentioning who I worked for in front of anyone almost invariably always resulted in the same reaction “Oh NiT...which center do you teach in beta?”...No...No...No...For god sakes NO!!!...I work for NIIT Technologies the software arm and not NIIT Ltd. the training arm...]

    And that was my way of walking away from the suggestion that I should go on a sabbatical and my first reaction when I had looked up the word which would change my life forever!

    After all I was a typical work addict who believed that I working more and more and more would ultimately result in solving the problems existing in the society today, uplift women and solve the world’s hunger problem.

    [Sounds familiar doesn’t it ...seen a beauty pageant recently...]

    Really – who was I kidding?

    Aha “kidding” reminds me of “kid” = my son who was the primary reason I agreed to going on a sabbatical as I was repeatedly told “spend time with him when he needs you and not the time when you need him and he need his girlfriends”.

    When you have time-off, you are idle and have time to think and when you have time to think...

    [No...No...No...“An idle mind is not a devil’s workshop” but “An unoccupied mind is like an innovations workshop...a plethora of ideas, thoughts, opportunities, almost like a kaleidoscope”...]

    You see the world in a different light as you have left the grind of the daily routine behind!  

    So what are the TOP 4 things this seeing the world in a different light really teach me?

    [Hey...why not 3 or 5 or 10 those are really the numbers which make sense when you have to speak about something profound like “what are top 3 fears you have?”...”where do you see yourselves 5 years from now”...”name 10 words starting with the letter A”...and so on and so you know why I was taught 4 things ]

    Frankly nothing new and nothing we have not been told hundreds of times by a lot of people who claim to be much more intelligent and saner people than me:

    1. Work can never be more important than your Life and those you Love in your Life – sounds familiar doesn’t it and so very true once you start to swear by it and practice it!

    2. To see the big picture (ahem...not “Sholay” but perhaps God’s grand design for your life) you have to break your daily routine, free your mind and start to fully observe what’s happening around you and once you do that, that’s when you start to see the real you emerging out of the smoke like magic!

    3. Frankly I am too set in the clichéd template to think other than Top 3, 5 or 10 but still wanted to say Top 4 although there were really only Top 3 things and I had to write this as the third one otherwise the story wouldn’t have flowed on from the next point to what I had to say onwards!

    4. You have to leave the old behind to make new beginnings – yeah big deal...everyone says that but do you know how difficult it is to break away from something you have been doing all your adult life ...your comfort zone...I was shit scared and felt “I have spent 16 years in can I stop doing that and start anokherang”...but frankly till you do it you will never know how easy or difficult it is – right?

    More on new beginnings and the genesis of anokherang in the next episode:

    Episode 2: From Program Head@NIIT to Head of Everything@anokherang”...

    Meanwhile shop to your heart’s desire

    Floral Skirts, Dresses & Shorts ideas to stand out in style ! April 09, 2016 14:43

    Be sure to wear some flowers on your clothes this summer. Wish we could wear fresh ones which could beat the summer heat. But no worries, we have something that works as good and they are prints that look as fresh as well!

    Yes, the Floral Print trend is still there for Spring Summer 2016 and that is no big surprise, we don’t think it was, or ever will go away. After all, in this heat we do need some relief...and what better than bright Florals.

    Floral Prints this season are either super big and not crowded or tiny and understated. Pick your type and roll with it, although, let’s get real here...if you love clashing floral prints and wearing crowded garden on your outfit (we know we love that as well), nothing wrong with it, right?

    The Evergreen Skirts !

    Wear them long, wear them short or wear them super short. Team it with a long top or short top, contrasting or florals – everything works...the most important thing is your comfort factor.


    Do checkout anokherang's Skirt collection available on our store's Funky Skirts Collection

    Dress it Up !

    ''Every woman needs a little floral dress''. And if you want to add some more glamour in your outfit then try the floral dresses.

    Do checkout anokherang's Skirt collection available on our store's Dress it Up Collection

    Let’s keep it Short !

    In the summer you should definitely try some floral shorts and if you are vary of too much florals then try patch it up on your old denims to give them funky and cool look. 

     Do checkout anokherang's Skirt collection available on our store's Keep it Short Collection 

    And you are all set to Dazzle everyone this Summer season !

    How to measure your clothing size - Help Guide for Women ! February 16, 2016 09:40

    Are you having trouble buying Suits, Kurtis, Blouses, Jackets, Palazzos, Skirts, Lehengas online as you are unable to determine what size you are? 

    If yes, then READ is anokherang's perfect self-help guide for you to measure yourself correctly to the last inch and ensure you are able to order a perfect fit online!

    To find your correct size, use a tape measure and take these measurements. Stand with your back straight in front of a mirror, to make sure that you measure correctly and that the tape measure is kept level.

    How to measure Bust size?


    Under your arms, wrap the tape around your back  and forward to the fullest  part of your bust as  shown.

    Bust Size - typically required to help determine size for Blouses, Kurtis, Dresses and Jackets.





    How to measure Waist size?

     Measure your waist at the narrowest part of your Torso.

    Waist Size - typically required to help determine size for Kurtis, Dresses, Palazzos, Pants, Skirts and Lehengas.

    How to measure Hip size?


    Measure around the widest part of your hip - usually the area where the hip bones are located. This should be done with the feet close together.

    Hip Size - typically required to help determine size for Kurtis, Dresses and Pants.





    How to measure High Waist?

     Measure 5 to 6 inches below the bust for measuring high waist.

    High Waist - typically required to help determine size for Blouses and Kurtis.

    How to measure Shoulder length?


    Measure in a straight line from the outer edge from one shoulder to the other.

    Shoulder Length - typically required to help determine size for Blouses, Kurtis and Dresses.





    How to measure Armhole size?

     Measure from the top of the shoulder, down the front of the shoulder, under the arm pit, and up the back of the shoulder.

    Armhole Size - typically required to help determine size for Blouses, Kurtis and Dresses.

    How to measure Front Length?


    Start at the shoulder i.e. right next to the base of the neck and measure as the length is desired, and measuring over the fullest part of the bust.

    Front Length - typically required to help determine size for Blouses, Kurtis and Dresses.





    How to measure Back Length?


    Measure from the base of the neck i.e. in the center and not on the side, to the desired length.


    Back Length - typically required to help determine size for Blouses, Kurtis and Dresses.

    Do let us know how you like our "Measure your Size Guide!" by leaving a comment below or posting on our FB page

    Still not sure what you need - do checkout anokherang's colorful collection available on our storeGo Shopping !

    Our Very own Style & Size guides can help you find the perfect size.

    Email: or whatsapp: 8826089843 to schedule an appointment !

    anokherang doesn't need your resume! December 27, 2015 00:41

    Are you a Fashion Trendsetter who loves Colors, Shopping, Bling, Facebook, Prints, Instagram, Fabrics, Pinterest, Mix’n’Match…etc. all in no particular order?

    anokherang written about by fashion blogger "thebrownbird" December 20, 2015 07:00

    There was a time when I was going through all the stalls in a diwali exhibition, where I found a stall named “Anokhe Rang”, and BANG!! 

    Ruchi helped me find my perfect ethnic dress this wedding season with reasonable prices and she has awesome collection! Couldn’t resist to buy dresses.  

    Read the entire article...

    Ways to style your Palazzo look this Festive Season ! November 05, 2015 12:22 2 Comments

    Swing in fluttering style this festive season with anokherang's Indian Kalidaar Palazzos ! Comfortable to wear, wide legs giving a traditional touch with the waistband portraying a slimmer you, creating an illusion of a skirt while keeping the freedom of pants intact - a definite must-have for this festive season

    Presenting you with some ideas on how you can style your Indian Kalidaar Palazzos look this Diwali without committing some serious fashion faux-pas !

    Choose a bright and colorful Kalidaar Palazzo Pant !

    Quite understandably anokherang's Indian Kalidaar palazzo pants made of Khadi Silk with Mirror Border and Colorful Danglers are on the top of our list. You can wear it with literally anything to make a statement. Scroll through for more styling ideas.


    Do checkout anokherang's festive palazzo pants collection available on our store: Festive Palazzo Collection

    Pair it with a Long Traditional Kurti !

    No festive look is complete without anokherang's Traditional Chanderi Kurtis with multi-color mirror work. Wear the long kurtis with one of your palazzo pants or team it up with your faithful Jeans as regular wear.


    Do checkout anokherang's Long Kurti collection available on our store: Traditional Kurti Collection

    Or a Funky Crop Top!

    Alternatively, pair your palazzo pants with anokherang's Funky Crop Tops available in vibrant colors and beautiful designs. 

    Do checkout anokherang's Trendy Crop Top collection available on our store: Funky Crop Top Collection

    Add on a Trendy Jacket!

    Add on an anokherang's ethnic jacket or vest to wear over your palazzo pants. These jackets from anokherang's collection is a must-have in every girl’s closet. 


    Do checkout anokherang's Trendy Jacket collection available on our store: Trendy Jacket Collection

    And a Colorful Dupatta

    Add a twist to your palazzo pants with a colorful Dupatta from anokherang's lovely Dupatta collection which will add even more color to your festive look.


    Do checkout anokherang's colorful Dupatta collection available on our store: Colorful Dupatta Collection

    And Bright Danglers !

    And to top it off, wear one of these lovely Danglers from anokherang's festive Jewelry collection to turn up your style quotient by a few notches.


    Do checkout anokherang's glittering Jewelery collection available on our store: Glittering Jewelery Collection

    And you are all set to Dazzle everyone this Festive season !

    Things you always wanted to know about Palazzos but didn't know who to ask ! October 23, 2015 10:00

    A bit of history to start with....

    Palazzo pants for women first became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The style was reminiscent of the wide-legged cuffed trousers worn by some women fond of avant-garde fashions in the 1930s and 1940s, particularly actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

    Do checkout the old school style palazzo pants available on our store: Old School Style Palazzos

    Why to wear palazzo pants?

    Palazzo pants and culottes are all around and their versatility makes them winners. The yardstick of a silhouette/garment being in vogue is when you don’t have to look too hard to find it in retail stores and it’s increasingly spotted in campuses, cafés, cultural venues and in short, everywhere. Palazzo pants and culottes have stepped off runaways......Fashion: For a little more flare

    Do Check out the Short and Smart Culottes available on our store: Short and Smart Culottes

    How to wear palazzo pants?

    Palazzo pants are amazing because they’re so incredibly comfortable. With the right styling, they can work for cold weather, but they’re really ideal for warmer weather because they’re so light. Surprisingly, palazzo pants are also very versatile. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear your palazzo pants right now.....20 Style Tips On How To Wear Palazzo Pants

    Go the Sharara way with the Traditional Indian Palazzos available on our store: Indian Palazzos

    What to wear with palazzo pants?

    Very few outfits match the comfort of palazzos in summer; and specially in a country that is as hot as India, you can always rely on cotton palazzos if you are planning to ditch your denims. Here are a few cool ideas as to what you can pair up your palazzos with: .....Pair your palazzos with these stylish tops

    Want the best of both the worlds - Check out the Indo Western Palazzos pants available on our store: Indo Western Palazzos

    How to make your own palazzo pants?

    Last and not the least, why don't you make your own pants itself. Have a look at this video and go for it !

    Like to shop more than DIY, checkout the Girlie style palazzo pants available on our store: Girlie style Palazzos

    Do let us know how you like to wear your palazzos by leaving a comment below or posting on our FB page

    Another fantastic outing for anokherang at the "5th Ave - Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition" on October 19th at The Crowne Plaza, Rohini ! October 19, 2015 15:52

    Another fantastic outing for anokherang at the "5th Ave - Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition" on October 19th at The Crowne Plaza, Rohini !

    anokherang rocked it at the "Runway Rising Exhibition" at The Ashok Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri October 15, 2015 00:00

    anokherang rocked it at the "Runway Rising Exhibition" at The Ashok Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, on 15th October - thanks everyone for the amazing response !

    Salwar Suit trends over the years - from Anarkalis to Anarkalis August 30, 2015 13:29

    The 1960's - Anarkalis to Hug-Me Suits...

    The begining of the 1960's saw Madhubala dancing in the famous Anarkali style. Indian women found this more comfortable shift in style from sarees as it resembled the sarees & lehengas. The mid-60s till late 60's saw the hug-me suits coming into fashion - Remember actress Sadhana in the hug-me sleeveless churidar kurta in Yash Chopra’s film “Waqt” in 1965. The style suited more on women with thin and curvaceous body.

    Do checkout the Anarkali suits available on our store: Anarkali suits

    The 1970s - Retro and Disco...

    The bell-bottoms invaded the ‘70s, the kurtis were longer than the shirts but shorter than the traditional kameez. The prints were bold - the big floral and tie n’ dye prints. The dupattas became scarves tied around the neck. The west was influenced by us too - the famous hippie look of the "Hare Rama Hare Krishna". The 70s salwar-kameez was indeed the most fashionable decade of them all.

    Do Check out the Retro suits available on our store: Retro suits

    The 1980s - Rediscovering Phase...

    This was the decade of discovering of the salwar kameez. We saw salwaar kameez in various avatars - Early 80s saw them as sarees in a nutshell as the handloom weaves were modified to provide a suitable dupatta. Late 80's we saw the puffed sleeves irrespective of the length of the sleeves - short or long.

    Do Check out the Traditional suits available on our store: Traditional suits

    The 1990s - The Classic and Elegant...

    90s saw the trend going back to traditional but with a difference. It was more classic and elegant. 90's was influenced by the laces, pastel shades and sheer fabrics. The style was more knee-length kurtas with either pants or churidaars.

    Do Check out the Classic & Elegant suits available on our store: Classic & Elegant suits


    The 2000s - Fusion is the way to go...

    This decade, we saw different fashion trends. The fits became more feminine , the necklines plunged, the prints became more subtle, the embroidery - thread and zari became more prominent. The Anarkalis came back into fashion in different lengths . Throughout the 2000s we saw the length of the kurtas varying from super short to long. Same can be said about the salwars - the trends saw them going from patialas - the famous Rani look in "Bunty Bubly" to the Deepika Podukone Culotte look in "Piku"

    Do Check out the Fusion suits available on our store: Fusion suits

    Do let us know how you like to wear your salwar suits by leaving a comment below or posting on our FB page

    Pump up your style quotient with colorful Dupattas August 26, 2015 11:01

    Another great outing and an overwhelming response for anokherang at "LIFESTYLE CONNOISSEUR 2015" - thank you all ! August 22, 2015 01:23


    Next Outing - "Lifestyle Connoisseur 2015" on August 19th & 20th at India Islamic Cultural Centre August 10, 2015 10:00



    Great turnout and on overwhelming response for anokherang at "Noida Moms Haat Bazaar" - thank you all !...... Noida Moms - great initiative and you all rocked it ! August 09, 2015 11:07

    Next outing - "Noida Moms Haat Bazaar" this Saturday 8th August at Hotel Park Plaza | Sector 55 | Noida August 05, 2015 16:06

    anokherang debuts in Atlanta, US June 22, 2015 14:50

    All smiles at anokherang's debut May 19, 2015 18:43

    April 8, 2015

    anokherang debuts at Select City Walk May 19, 2015 15:28

    April 8, 2015


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