Salwar Suit trends over the years - from Anarkalis to Anarkalis

The 1960's - Anarkalis to Hug-Me Suits...

The begining of the 1960's saw Madhubala dancing in the famous Anarkali style. Indian women found this more comfortable shift in style from sarees as it resembled the sarees & lehengas. The mid-60s till late 60's saw the hug-me suits coming into fashion - Remember actress Sadhana in the hug-me sleeveless churidar kurta in Yash Chopra’s film “Waqt” in 1965. The style suited more on women with thin and curvaceous body.

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The 1970s - Retro and Disco...

The bell-bottoms invaded the ‘70s, the kurtis were longer than the shirts but shorter than the traditional kameez. The prints were bold - the big floral and tie n’ dye prints. The dupattas became scarves tied around the neck. The west was influenced by us too - the famous hippie look of the "Hare Rama Hare Krishna". The 70s salwar-kameez was indeed the most fashionable decade of them all.

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The 1980s - Rediscovering Phase...

This was the decade of discovering of the salwar kameez. We saw salwaar kameez in various avatars - Early 80s saw them as sarees in a nutshell as the handloom weaves were modified to provide a suitable dupatta. Late 80's we saw the puffed sleeves irrespective of the length of the sleeves - short or long.

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The 1990s - The Classic and Elegant...

90s saw the trend going back to traditional but with a difference. It was more classic and elegant. 90's was influenced by the laces, pastel shades and sheer fabrics. The style was more knee-length kurtas with either pants or churidaars.

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The 2000s - Fusion is the way to go...

This decade, we saw different fashion trends. The fits became more feminine , the necklines plunged, the prints became more subtle, the embroidery - thread and zari became more prominent. The Anarkalis came back into fashion in different lengths . Throughout the 2000s we saw the length of the kurtas varying from super short to long. Same can be said about the salwars - the trends saw them going from patialas - the famous Rani look in "Bunty Bubly" to the Deepika Podukone Culotte look in "Piku"

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